Elite series DCF36-LIGHT gas fireplace


Elite series DCF36-LIGHT gas fireplace

The Elite Series DCF36-Light gas fireplace offers a traditional design with a classic appeal, perfect for those desiring a fireplace with rustic features. It includes a safety screen integrated into the surround, tempered glass, and a clean face frame, blending convenience with timeless style. The DCF36-Light comes with a 6-piece log set and electronic ignition, combining aesthetic beauty with practical functionality.

With a viewing area of 24″ high by 28-1/4″ wide, the DCF36-Light gas fireplace provides a captivating view of the dancing flames. This viewing area offers an immersive experience, perfect for cozy evenings by the fire. The clean face frame enhances the view, allowing the beauty of the flames to take center stage in your living space.

Designed for both beauty and efficiency, the DCF36-Light gas fireplace is a stylish addition to any home. The included safety screen adds a layer of protection, while the electronic ignition ensures easy operation. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s ambiance or add supplemental heat, the DCF36-Light offers a perfect balance of form and function.

Comes Standard with:
6pc Log Set 



  • High 19,000BTU’s
  • Low 12,000BTU’s
  • Tempered Glass
  • Clean Face
  • Black Surround (Optional)
  • Safety Screen Standard
  • 6pc Log Set
  • Electronic Ignition

*Safety Screen built into the surround

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